Oct 23, 2011

I'm Not Worthy!!!

So, on this awesome site- Polyvore, I cam across this fantastic dress by Versace. I'll try to get the picture up with this (my internet is suckish).

So ,I began to wonder. How do people make such amazing things?

I mean, where do they get the fabric, the ideas, the shoes (the shoes are ah-mazing!), the mindset to sit down and something like that. I mean look at the dress.

Finely cut fabric, the model fits it just right (the photographer did an amazing job by the way!), the design is epic. It or something you would find in TRON. Beautiful.

I admire all designers because the worked hard at what they made. So no matter how horrible the design was, keep going 'cos your big break is on it's way.

Love Versace! Whoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!