Nov 23, 2011

That Selenary Feeling...

Howdy, maties (see what I did there, hunh? hunh?)

I'm back and as annoying as ever and what am I going to talk about?

Selena Gomez's many outfit changes for the MTV EMAs.

You know, we have a lot of weird sayings in Nigeria. But this one describes what I'm trying to express in this post.

I dey feel this Selena babe sha!

But seriously, I am loving these outfits!

First off... wasn't the show awesome?!

 Secondly... I really don't like Lady Gaga. So if you expect me to talk about her, don't count on it. Unless fo course, you;re ready for me to rant about how her music videos give me nightmares... then, sure.

Third, and most important... her outfits were so cool! I especially loved the golfing one. So cool. I don't play golf- too much stress on my back- but I would in that outfit.I'm so jealous of Selena Gomez right now! She got to wear that outfit! Here's the outfit-

My second favourite is the gold pans and sequined hoodie and shies with the overly awesome.. ROBOT HEAD! Isn't it awesome? I'm not big on gold... more of silver... but this outfit rocks!

Okay... moving on, my next favourite is the bejeweled shorts one. Love the shoes! I totally love those shoes! Here's the picture and again, love the shoes!

Then, coming to her performance outfit. Is it just me, or did she look like a baby in a nightie. Of course, the outfit was cool, but this is in no particular order, so I would say it is not my most favourite, but I still like it.

Moving on... the next outfit is the lace dress she wore on the red carpet. One word. Amazing! Oh yeah, and did anyone notice the carpet was not red? Just sayin'

Okay, next is the bustier top and printed skirt with the fire setting. Again, amazing! The outfit is just as fierce as the fire.

Next on my list is the green dress that would look like puke on anybody else, but looks fabulous on Selly. Can anyone say jealous? I love the necklace! So chic-like.

Then, comes a favourite of mine... the cowl-neck print dress (did you know: I had no idea whatsoever that that was the name of the dress until the internet informed me? Thank God for the internet.)

And last, but hopefully not the last host outfit I will ever see from dear Miss. Gomez- the red jumpsuit (no Internet for this one. I've worn a jumpsuit before... when  was like 5.) I love this one too. The shoes look like Christian Loubotins. If they are, can I please be informed? Thank you! Now, I sound like a silly receptionist. I'm blabbign and losing space, so, here's the pic!

And that, concludes my Selenary post. I hope y'all loved reading it and I hoep we can do this again sometime. Wow, I sound liek I just been on a date. Anyways, goodbye, peace, love, whatever. I'm tired.


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