Sep 14, 2012

girlxfilm: Chloe Grace Moretz

Sweet right? The little girl above is our very own, very grow-up like Chloe Grace Moretz aka CGM who is the star of September's girlxfilm blogeries...j'adore! Loved by the screen and the people,s he is the typical American sweetheart with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She is an accomplished and inspiring actress with roles in Kick-Ass, Hugo, Let Me In, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hick, Dark Shadows (with the fabulous Johnny Depp) and a bunch of other movies.

She's fifteen.

She's thought to be a teenage style icon with her own distinctive style and an apparent passion for fashion. CGM is the perfect example of a respectable teenage actress (her character in Kick-Ass however...)

So, my post features the style of CGM as I post various bits of info about the actress


CGM has recently scored an ambassadorial position with Aeropostale. Awesome? Yeah.

This is aa collage of her Teen Vogue spread. She was covergirl. Tell me that isn't cool...

I love how her style is retro-ish and edgy with all the dark colors, and still decent. And the shoes are...lovely! The outfit is Proenza Schouler.

I am definitely NOT a big fan a pink, but when she wears it...sigh...the dress is real pretty. Kind of too sugary and all, but pretty.

She's got a thing for adorable short dresses and cutesy kitten heels doesn't she?  Go polka!

This girl just rocks this style for red-carpet doesn't she?

Another cutesy dress and kitten heels.

And another.

This  is the older, edgier, less cutesy version of Chloe... loving it! To top it off? She's In Stella McCartney. Nuff said.

In Christian Dior.

In Chanel. Tres cute!

In Burberry.

She's rocking the whole LBD thing isn't she?

In Miu Miu star print. J'adore!

In Carven.

In a Giambattista Valli playsuit, funky fedora, and Rupert Sanderson it!

In Christopher Kane.

In a checked shirt, boots and shorts, repping a hippie look with the head gear and accessories. Loving it.

At New York Fashion Week in a super cute outfit. The shoes are fabulous.

CGM (second from the left) with the cast of Dark Shadows, a 2012 movie about creepy vampires not unlike The Addams Family.

CGM's promotional poster for Dark Shadows.

The actress' promotional poster for Hugo (2011).

CGM along with her co-star, rocking a very Lucy (actress Georgie Henley of Chronicles of Narnia) like style---> 

Chloe also played the very scary vampire chick in Let Me In.

The KISS shirt just adds to the it!

Promotional poster.

I'm running out of intelligent commentary, so I'll just give you the links to where my pics came from.



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