Oct 16, 2012

girlxmusic: Carly Rae Jepsen aka The Super-Awesome Hippy Chic

I'm sure you've heard 'Call Me Maybe'. If you haven't and you are on the internet...you are so stale...so behind on everything. Because CRJ is the hottest thing since sliced bread...honestly.

And besides, if you haven't heard Call Me Maybe, then you probs haven't heard Good Time...

This is the real crime here because that song was the summer anthem. It was and still is awesome. It's the kind of song that never gets old. Come to think of it though, not everyone is a music junkie like I am so...

Anywho, onto the main order of beeswax...Carly Rae Jepsen and her funky hippie-poppy style that we all know and love. She has brought something new to the door of style and we all love it...don't we?

CRJ in super sparkly jeans, awesoe ankle boots, a leather jacket and her usual awesome hair
 The above picture is of CRJ who rose to serious super stardom fame with her song 'Call Me Maybe' which was covered by everyone from Justin Bieber (also her mentor- he's 7 years younger than she is- this is another reason to love the Biebs people) and his crazy popstar friends to politicians. Here are some links to awesome, epic covers:


And that's just the beginning...

The following are pictures of the style we've come to know and love...oh, and keep in mind that she's twenty-six. Twenty-freaking-six!

This awesome LBD is actually typical Carly but it doesn't have the color we know and love does it? The bangles add a touch of youth and the boots too. Score: A+

This outfit is also typical CRJ. Love the jeans and accessorizing C!
This look is very Carly with the pops of color added in with the shoes and the dress. The cut of the dress is divine and the purse is a definite reason to be jell! We love Carls.
I need to find and kidnap whoever style her outfits. She/he has an affinity for cocktail dresses...

This look is so off the ching its almost not funny. The sneakers are totally awesome and the leather mini and fish-tail blouse are right up there (where ever there is). I need these clothes!
This girl is so lucky...The dress...ah-mazing...the sneakers paired with the dress...even better...holding the Biebs' hand...I think I passed out...
This look is so fun and flirty and happy...and I am in love with those jeans so...loving the stripe-thing she's got going on too...
This is awesome...need I say more?
Even awesomer...neon is the way to go girl! Wet Seal is boss!
The top is super-cute...hands up if you agree!
This look is so cutely chic and age-appropriate it's almost not funny...did that make sense?
Carly rocking the whole print trend ish with the uber-cool Wet Seal jeans. J'adore. the jacket is so cute...
Isn't she lovely in this metallic/print-esque outfit that  I just want to steal...
Another metallically awesome outfit from CRJ...j'adore!
I love how celebs can rock ANYthing...
Another very CRJ-ish outfit from the girl herself...cute shoes...
We know guys...we love her too...
She rocks the red-carpet in this very animal-esque outfit!
She's very 'cherry' indeed...
And we end with this peplumed outfit that is totally on point. Love the shades Carls!
Theme song of this blogeries (blog series, duh!): Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (duh!!!)
                                                                       Gangnam Style by Psy (Gangnam for life!!!)

Love you all...



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  1. OMG i am so jelling i want to kill CRJ!!! she is so pretty i absolutely adore her. i actually thought she'd be a one hit wonder but MY BAD. kudos to crj she rocks!!!!