Nov 8, 2012


I love Cody Simpson!!!
Song of the post: 15 by Taylor swift (duh!)
                          Diamonds by Rihanna

I turned 15 you have probably guessed, and I'm loving it! I have the awesomest all vanilla cake and strawberry-vanilla ice-cream. also rocking my Minnie Mouse top...very cute...

Anywho, this post is gonna be short. I just want to "holler" to all my '97 babies...if you were born then...comment!!!

Famous people born in '97:

Olivia Holt

Bella Thorne
Chloe G. Moretz who also stars in my blogeries
Sierra McCormick
Kylie Jenner
Ciara Bravo
Greyson Chance
Stephania Owen
Cody Simpson who is hot hot hot!!!
Well, in a few hours, the novelty of today would have worn off, so this is me signing out and reminding you of my blogeries, one of which is coming up tomorrow...expect it!!! And don't even try to guess what (or who) it's about...I don't write and tell...

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