Dec 29, 2012

tayxlife: Conneticut

I do not live in the US. I really do';t follow the news. But yesterday, my Twitter timeline was assaulted by tweets of condolence for those that lost someone in the shooting at an elementary school in somewhere called Newtown in Conneticut. So, I went to the ever-loved (by me) New York Times website, and was greeted with horrendous news.

Around 30 people, adults and children, were killed in a shooting in an elementary school. A few were severely injured as well.

First question- What is the world coming to? Gunmen hitting up elementary schools for what? What do they have to gain? I realize that that was more than one question, but whatever! Stuff like this makes e so angry!

Things are happening around us...phenomena no one can understand or explain. In Nigeria, something like this happens like, every month, except its mostly bombs and stuff from an Islamic terrorist sect, called Boko Haram.

I sincerely wish that I could do something about all this stuff happening. Only, I don't know what...

My condolences to all those who lost someone in the shooting. RIP to those caught up in the shooting.

-Famous Last Words~ My Chemical Romance
-Shooting Star~ Owl City
-Don't You Worry Child~ Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin
-Vanilla Twilight~ Owl City


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