Feb 21, 2012

mini miss super (literally mini...)

So, recently, due to my grandfather's death and the arrangement of burial plans for him, I have become the main caretaker of my brothers and sister (yeah, hard I know.)

I have become the younger version of my mother over the course of two weeks.. By the way, we have to seriously thank our mums for all they do. I mean another week of this and my head is going to shatter into a million pieces. I'm a walking travesty (haha, All Time Low reference) compared to mothers. I'm as bad as the parody of Twilight- Vampires Suck (yeah, sure, but what about the movie?)

Let me give you an idea (more like very graphic detail) of what my day has been like. I have gone through school (duh!)though we do get a break tomorrow- ya know, like half-term? I have gone through an extremely gruelling dance practice(our instructor's really good and fun... but strict), taking care of my really really really really(I guess you get the point) annoying sister, I also had to try on a bunch of super awesome clothes (I guess that isn't so bad...), I had to make pancakes for the troublesome three and finally got over-excited about my new camera (still freaking out by the way) and my new and awesome shoes and in the process of my hysteria, I pulled a muscle. Overall, you get crappy with a side of happy (whoop--de-doo).

I have been in the process of applying for online internships, and so far... nada. By the way, if anyone knows about any magazines that are offering online and unpaid internships... please, inform me...

My source of information is: http://www.ed2010.com/ I love this website soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! It is really helpful for the teenage/college person job/internship enthusiast. Who knows, you might get to work at Vogue or ELLE someday...

I dream of working at ELLE, then one day moving on to own my very own magazine- Cirque. I think everything sounds better in French (or Italian...) I say Cirque- which means circus (though it may change due to new ideas promulgated by my overly active and vocabulary filled head)- because things get crazy no matter what kind of life you lead or no matter how protected you are. S

I have been on the hunt for talented new designers and so far, I got a few but for now, I will stick to my Nikon and cool but serious Nigerian upscale events. I'm checking, do not fear (although I do not know why you would care. And I don't even know who YOU are because I never get comments and stuff.)

I have a very odd passion for music- especially classical, rock and techno stuff. I don't like much pop apart from Usher and Katy Perry... oh and I like hip-hop and stuff. I'm not segregated but when you auto-tune your voice so much that you sound like Ke$ha, then what respect do you want to gain in the music industry? I use pop to dance of course and for easy-listening but that's the limit. It's too auto-tuned.You can't auto-tune a true rock song,now can you?

Well, that was random...

This post is dedicated to my grandfather (now deceased)and my friend Gargi on Polyvore. Love you both!


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