Feb 14, 2012

In The Obituaries...

So, basically, there have been a lot of obituaries in my life lately.

My grandpa died a few days ago and being Catholic… well, ex-Catholic- they are burying him very soon… and Whitney Houston (awesome music legend for those of you musically deficient people) died on Saturday. News first broke on Twitter about it… Jennifer Hudson did this whole emotional thing… basically; it’s Amy Winehouse all over again.

Anyways, in the world of moi, my life has basically been boring except for the mid-term tests we have been doing at school which need some major studying. Just got through the first batch today and I hope I can live through the second. My baby sister is as annoying as ever but has taken that annoying-ness to a whole new level. Her clothes are now in MY room! What the FUDGEBISCUITS?! I am outraged and plan on staging a protest by sitting outside my parents’ front door and shouting: Take her clothes back! Take her clothes back! Of course, I’m not really going to do that… I think?

And, in the world of my own crazy mix of fashion and writing and style and music and… you get the point… it’s the ELLE Style awards! Whoo!!! Avril Mair (form ELLE) actually replied my tweet. Can anyone say AHHH!!! I went crazy. Someone that works for one of the world’s most popular fashion mags actually replied me. Again… AHHH!!! My laptop has been on the fry for a few days now and I don’t think it has a virus or anything. It’s just being silly. BTW, never ever let a bunch of uneducated little children near your laptop… ever. My dad is the best- that is completely off topic but whatever- because I get to spend the summer (possibly) in England if I pass my tests… YAY! Say bye-bye to crummy second-hand shops and HELLO to beautiful H&M! Triple YAY!

Also, another interesting piece of news is… Polyvore Live- in some country that’s not Nigeria has happened, I think. Whoop-dee-doo (note the sarcasm). Anywho… Polyvore says and I quote… “…Polyvore Live celebrates the future of fashion with Fashion Institute of Technology alumni Lauren Bagliore, Vengsarkar Budhu, Sergio Guadarrama, and Dana-Ma Pomerantz. See their designs modeled by top bloggers during the show.” It starts (according to the Polyvore site) in about 7 hours. The future of fashion, people! I absolutely love FIT! J’adore baby!

My current playlist includes tunes from one of the most popular holidays in the world- Valentine’s Day (eugh!) Now, don’t get me wrong, I love ‘LOVE’. I think it’s pretty. But isn’t it a little odd that on this day there are more ‘accidents’ than usual if you know what I mean and people get a lot drunker and… well, you get it- not a big Valentine fan. But whatevs right? Here’s the playlist:

Without You~ David Guetta ft. Usher (but Usher sang the lyrics…)

Heartbeat~ Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger (such long names…)

The One That Got Away~ Katy Perry (love this one!)

Baby’s Love Story in My Head (Remix) ~ Justin Bieber ft. Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo and Ludacris (someone remixed it… dunno who… but it’s awesome!)

Best Love Song~ T-Pain ft. Chris Brown.

Mine~ Taylor Swift (no LOVE playlist is a LOVE playlist without Taylor…)

Love Story~ Taylor Swift (an there is certainly none without this song)

So, I wish all the lovebirds out there a happy Val’s day (don’t do anything stupid… got it?) and as for moi, I’m going to be spending it with a bag of popcorn and P.S. I Loe You. Hae fun!

Oh, did I tell y’all… I passed 1,000 reads a while ago… I’m so proud… I didn’t even freak out.


I’m done.

Book of the post: Matched by Ally Condie. (LOVE people!)

I wish you a very happy Val’s day… (long post-ish about love and fashion next. Yay!)

But for now, two things I love- me and fashion (it's good to have self-love ya know...)

I love mee...

And I love style (and fashion)

And to go out, I say ~ Fashion fades but style is eternal ~ Yves Saint Laurent
                                     ~ Lust fades, but love is eternal ~ Netty Cross

Happy Valentine's day!


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