Apr 7, 2012

in the days that tutus become high fashion...

Now, one thing about me is that I procrastinate... a lot. I'm guilty and I hate it. But I can't seem to help it. So, I will do this post right now. And nothing is going to stop me! Imagine me doing a power girl face... yeah,that's it!

Anywho, there's all these fashion TV shows lately, I mean come on... why not? My favourite (absolutely love!) is Jane by Design, hands down. Amazing stuff. I absolutely adore actress- Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby (and Nick Roux as is hot! Well, he's always hot...)

Jane Quimby has this style that is so fun and pretty and teen and she's the kind of person that you'd look at when you wander the streets of New York (all the greatest stuff comes from NY... and Italy and Tokyo and Paris and you get my point dontcha?

The tutu skirts and tights and beautiful jackets and shoes... and I sound jealous don't I? I hate her. She's so cool. Too cool to be hated in fact. I want you to find me a fashionista that doesn't want to be in that character's place? She gets the high fashion job, the wicked/amazing boss, the fiiiiiiiiiine best friend, the hot co-worker, the evil chick that's out to get her... dude, she's living! And she's 16! I'm jealous... it's official. How can I be jealous of a TV character?

So, in loving jealousy of Jane Quimby and her quirky, amazing style, I present iTutu with Jane Quimby (there's a Polyvore set of it. Check it!)

I hope you guys liked iTutu. All credit for photos goes to ABC Family @ http://abcfamily.go.com/shows/jane-by-design/photos-details/janes-wardrobe-diary/910115/



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