Apr 14, 2012


Okay, y'all had to know this was coming? Right? No? Well, lately, apart form my weird interest in fashion and style and Jane by Design (and Nick Roux!), I have taken a liking to vintage.

I read books on vintage, I make skecthes of 50s style tulle dresses (I'm still hung up on the tulle thing), I am obsessed with Jen (a new friend)'s webby- Storm In A Teacup. This is advertising, but y'all HAVE to check out Storm In A Teacup. The website is fun,t eh design funky and all round fantastic. And the jewellery is to die for. Never been a big fan, but she makes me believe, baby! She's fun too. Nice to Tweet with. Get it? No?

The link is at the bottom along with a bunch of others- CHECK IT OUT!!!

I'm done.

Okay, I'm not.

So, today's post is going to centred on vintage (obviously) and the pics I found are super cute. Also, my sets will be making a major appearance. Hope you like. Credits for them are at the bottom.

These earrings are my fav from Jen's webby. Love Notes are in the air!

That's a lot of vintage, innit? I'm not so sure that the jewellery is all vintage, but hey, we're in the modern world, so we shall modernize.

A lot of the outfits are from the 50s. I think y'all are getting sick of this era since it seems it is more prominent. So, in my next post (I'm tired.) I will find the boho ish of the 60s and present it to you on a hot steaming platter.

G'night, mates.

~thepurpleballet (I'm tired. Didn't I already mention that?)

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