May 19, 2012

in the presence of a master...

So, yesterday (Friday), my dad introduced me to a funny political book called Opilogue-Not a Laffing Matter by Dele Omotunde (and yes, the name is spelt like that). He has a  thing for faction which is fact and fiction (this is my definition)
put together instead of being opposing forces in a literary work... awesome right? I know most of you cannot possibly be as enthusiastic as books as I am (I read everything) and I have told many of you that I aim to be a journalist when I'm older... possibly now... get to travel the world... talk about, well, everything... it's a dream... to be able to travel and write (two of my many favorite things.) I love traveling the same way I love peanut butter... awesome stuff, but can make you sticky and sick... okay, bad allusion.

My dad says I could get top meet him some time... that would be so cool. Meeting a real-life journalist... a well-respected one too... he's been writing for a top magazine in Nigeria for a long time (about 2003...) He seems like a cool person.

Anyhoo... moving on to today's order of beeswax (I'm too funny), I'm going to be blogging about this cool chick who did a viral internet parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' song- Empire State of Mind with her boyfriend, a setting and 100 dollars (not too sure about the currency). She sounds cool right... She's MJ Delaney... awesome freelance video director person. Cool chick.

Moving on, we have Marvel has created a superhero inspired by make-up persons. She's called SpyGal, she's stylish, cute and has got a gun... what more could we ask for. She's like a more fashionable cartoon version of Lara Croft... she's a POREfessional... that's what the comic says (info thanx to awesome webby!)

Awesome sauce pic! She's cool ain't she? Teal blue coat, black boots, cute belt and gun (boy, do I have an obsession with those things. I'd never hold one though... too creepy...)

Still moving on, my BFF Tolu thinks we should blog together (she wants it as a birthday gift). I dunno if I should make a new one, or just add her as an admin to this one... what do y'all think? She's a great designer and she's a tad bossy... so she's got it all figured out. Wants to study Psychology though... don't get it? She's awesome and we share friends... including one that's a bit of an idiot- actually, they're mostly guys and they're basically idiotic in their own special ways. But we love them anyways.)

So, happy birthday T! Love ya! Check out our soon to be up blog (I'll post deets) See ya!


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