Sep 12, 2011

Let Me Introduce You...

Okay, let's get past all the introductions first. Hi, I'm Netty, I'm 13 and Netty's not my real name. It's a writer's name. My writer's name. I like mystery. A lot. And I like style and skinny jeans- even if when they go out of fashion. If they ever do.

All my info will be in the 'About Me' box thingy. I love to have a good time and I like puppies, even though I'm too scared to go near them.

I love to write and I especially love to read. I'm a Christian and I have views on everything. I don't stereotype. Stereotyping's for losers.

My favorite accessories are the different colored shoelaces I use as belts. My dad wonders if they're a fashion trend. I wonder myself.

I have a tomboyish yet girly and weird sense of style. I wear what I feel like most of the time. 'Cept for church.

I like creating stuff. I don't do makeup and I wear glasses. Let's just say, I'm a classy, hyperactive, slightly violent nerd.

I'm Nigerian and I am against Al-Qaeda and all its cohorts.

I sadly don't really listen to the news and end up reciting numbers and equations in my head.

I love to dance and sing and watch movies.

I yell at my little sister a lot- you would too, if you knew her.

I do a lot of writing, and my favourite website is Wattpad.

My favourite fashion brand is Burberry, my favourite shoe brand is Converse and I love Supras.

I can't bear to insult people, so I end up spurting meaningless babble.

I love Shakespeare, but I can't bring myself to read any of his books completely. I personally find Romeo and Juliet a little cheesy.

My favourite Shakespeare character though is Romeo's cousin. His name slips my mind at the moment.

Like I said, I love movies and my favourites so far are- Iron Man 2, Transformers 3, Step Up 3D and Captain America.

I also love spy stuff and crime investigation so you'll find me watching- Psych, The Mentalist, Chuck, Chase, CSI: New York and Hawaii Five-O.

I also love James Bond and Daniel Craig. He's adorable!

My greatest peeve has to be bugs, slime and jerks.

I punch pretty well and teach myself karate.

I guess that's it.

Wow, I just spent a whole post talking about myself.

Ah well, what can you do?

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