Sep 18, 2011

Mi Amigas y Amigos... School's Here

*sob sob sob sob*

You're probably wondering why I'm putting on all these theatrics right?

Well... school's starting tomorrow!

*bawl then brighten*

But it's my first day of high school!


Well, all I've got to say to my fellow soon-to-be high school mates... mi amigas, mi amigos... school's here!

Yes, that time of year when we buy all new school supplies and go to bed early... suckish? Yeah.

But the good thing about it is... all the new hotties you get to meet, male or female.

Be careful my hombres and have fun!

P.S. I cut my finger cutting potatoes the other day! I have a uber cool scar! Loving it! Hehe



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