Jan 31, 2012

The Not-So-Amazing "Amazing" Netty!

I found this {image below} awesome gothic-looking Supergirl logo. Who's the best? Moi, I know...

Dontcha just lurve superheroes?

Hey, hey, hey, party people, or serious people or whatever kind of people that are reading this kind of pointless line right now. I’ll shut up now. Okay, I won’t shut up per se but… oh, you get the point.

So recently I was given like 10 copies of reader’s Digest’s (love ‘em by the way. One of my seemingly numerous dreams is to either be featured in one or to be writing one of the articles. I’m not very photogenic so I guess writing it is…)

I love the military stuff in there and all the articles about ordinary people doing great things. I want to know if anyone has any ideas for something I can do to help the less privileged in Nigeria or something I can do in general, let me know by e-mail (nettycross@gmail.com) or at least comment about it. Speaking of comments…

Moving on, I bought the February issue of Vogue UK on Saturday and I loved it. I usually just read InStyle because it is more aimed at people like me. A little too many weird works of art (photography and paintings alike) but it was fun to read and inspiring too. I loved the article on Stella McCartney and overall the writers that put together the articles in the first placed. I hope to write for a major magazine one day… or edit one… or own one! That would be majorly cool! Anna Wintour is my favorite Vogue editor. She looks so spunky and full of life and like someone who has a sharp tongue. I admire her too for being at the top (or nearly at the top) of one of the most famous fashion magazines in the world.

I have also recently been talking about the career path I hope to take when I’m older. I’ll definitely still blog because I love it when people know y own opinion of things. I really hate it when people think low of me because I’m younger or something. I think my opinion is just as important as everyone else’s. That’s why I want to write. Because then, no one can tell you what to put down (I’m a freelance kind of person.)

Anyway, career path… I hope to do something for the lesser privilege people of the world. I love to work with kids and stuff (but I do hate it when they puke on you. I have a baby sister… go figure.) I want to write (duh!), I want to sing professionally (like do concerts and stuff. I love singing.), I want to live in one of the fashion capitals (Milan, New York, London or Paris.), and when I get through that phase, I’ll move to the country (like a quiet place in Marseilles where I can work on books or beside a beautiful beach in Cannes or Antibes or a nice quiet village in Scotland. As you can see, I’m a bit of a dreamer… but it helps me when I write so…), I also want to invest heavily in new, fresh ideas from sharp-minded young people (I’ll be old by then… like 30.) because people take an interest in my work and it’s rather encouraging so I want young people to be encouraged like I am so that they will never give up on what they know they love.

Moving on again, we have the school Talent Show coming up (give a whoop whoop!) in my school and it’s going to be big (bigger than last year if possible.). Now, usually I just sing or something but this year, I’m going to do that and… put up pictures (if given permission) of outfits that the designers (the awesome TEENAGE designers of which my best friend is one) in my school put together. I will do reviews of the outfits and I will also put up the results, some of the stuff that went on, ya know… the whole shebang… hehe, shebang.

I love this particular girl- Dunsin Kehinde. I’m not close friends with her (she’s two grades up) but I am friends with her brother and we have been since primary school. Their dad either is the editor of or owns one of the most popular magazines in Nigeria (Google it- City People) and she is an amazing designer. I always root for her (sorry bestie but she is awesome). She designed the outfits for the Inter-house Sports for the house- vine house and they were super-cool. She had this like purple African print thing going on and they were high-waist like and were kind of bell-bottomed. Ah-mazing (haven’t used that in a while). She’s like the next Stella McCartney. And that my friends are high props to give to a teenage designer.

In other completely unrelated and unimportant news, I ran in a couple of races during the Inter-house and I now have sore thighs. It hurts like a fudge-cone but it helped me kick-start my new excericse plan. So yay for sore thighs (whoop-dee-do.)

Goodbye readers who I have no idea about because they won’t comment!

Psst… fashion and god deed lovers… the next post is going to be about two things I love. Guess what?


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