Mar 22, 2012

the difference between me and you is...

...that it's effing hot over here and you guys (I mean the foreign, not Nigerian people) are enjoying wonderful spring weather.

*sigh* Meteorologists' have predicted that this heat wave is going to last for... an indefinite amount of time. I have exams you know, nature! *shakes fist up at sky*

Anywho, diverting from my ranting, today I am focusing on the different styles of different people. Nearly all fashionistas have a blog these days (am I right?) and the majority is personal style (again, right!) But everyone has a unique way of using their camera to capture their own fashion picture. For example, The Sartorialist takes his pictures sort of randomly... in my opinion, the best way to get inspiration. Oh, btw, song of the post is ~ Is Anybody Out There ~ K'Naan ft. Nelly Furtado. I love this song and Nelly. I missed you!

Moving on, it is spring and guess what is in... pastels! Yay! Pale versions of bright colours- coral blues, sun yellows, and pale denims. Love, love, love spring! Hey, that rhymed! I guess I still got the poet thing going on. Spring reminds me of ice-cream- vanillas, mint green, strawberry and my personal favourite,

Below are some snagged pics of bloggers dressed in spring finery. Enjoy!

Pretty flowers and booties ... what spring is all about!

Luvin' the skirt. Reminds me of some little Italian town where the sun is always shining.

Coral green and oranges, perfect for ice-cream... and spring! Yay!

This up and coming actress has the spring thing down to a tee.  She's wearing Miu Miu (ah... my favourite. Well, one of my favs.) and she's rockin' it!

This has absolutely no relevance to spring... I think... but the picture is so cute with the little Coke cans and everything!
She's got her spring dress out... can anyone say jealous?

The pattern and colour of the dress contrast well with the background... so spring-y too.
Floral skirt, bright shoes... girl you got it going on!

Pastels and dark blue... perfect. Love the nails too.

Spunky spring style and mint green... nothing wrong here.

How would you accessorize this? Tell me your answer in your comments and I  you will win the  prize of having your pic featured on my blog. Yay! I can't do better'n that sweets.

Goodbye readers... until next time...wtfudge?

I have to go watch Ugly Betty... I mean Al-Jazeera (yeah right. It's way too depressing.I prefer CNN or summat... don't you?). Buh-bye now.



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