Mar 9, 2012

Me, Myself and Fashion

As you all can see, I have changed the name of my blog to- thepurpleballet.

The inspiration came out of nowhere. I have all these ballet pictures in purple and it just struck me-like a stroke does. Only this kind was of sheer genius.

'Allo, 'Allo, readers, how're we all doin' this fine morn'? It's morn' for me over here. I'm eatin' delish toast with chocolate spread and not much dignity.

The songs that are in my head right now are:

Set Fire To The Rain- Adele

I Do Not Hook Up- Kelly Clarkson

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)- Kelly Clarkson (I'm at a Kelly phase)

Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift

Wild Ones- Flo Rida ft. Sia

Pat of Me- Katy Perry

All these songs are my current anthems. Love 'em. I especially love Sia.

So, the talent show (in my school) just like New York Fashion Week has come and gone. The tension was high and all (you'll see the pictures soon) and the winners were well chosen. We had a fashion elite over to judge- Kiki Kamanu- lovely woman. Big fan, baby! Since I can't do much this morning, I'll just put on pics of my put-together outfits. But this is not a PERSONAL STYLE blog. It's fashion and art and music and dance. Speaking of which, I won the music comp! Yay!!!

Btw, has anyone checked out the lovely Burberry models in February Vogue and on They are so adorable with their freckles and stuff. In other new news, PRADA has a new phone. Cool hunh? (internally freaking out.) I'm sincerely not that big a fan (their pieces are for the older generation, not us, the cool (no offence, people!) youngsters who find a way to twist fashion into summat fun. I'm working on this scrapbook with images form my February VOGUE. So far, it's insane! I'll update y'all on the current styles in fashion later on my post in the afternoon after school (TMI?), although in my opinion, why anyone would want to spend an hour finding out trends when they can just street it a little in a few minutes confuses me...]

So, 'ere is a picture of me in my lufly attire... I'm a little on the weird side. People are always asking me why I put together weird stuff sometimes, so please have a look at what is weird in these and inform me. Thank you

This is moi, chic with skirt from Willi Smith and jacket snagged off my dear sweet auntie, a brown belt from an auntie, heels from maripe (what is that?) and orange top from H&M. The lighting's not ah-mazing, but it's chill... right?

Again, the *awesome* me! Lace shirt from ERENA collection, bought by my mother  and cutoff jeans, that I cut myself.  I got the jeans from  some girly punk store and they didn't fit properly, so...
This is all I had time for, sorry. Peace out and live right!



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