Jan 24, 2012

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Ignore that thing on top if it shows up at all. If it doesn't, ignore me. I mean, ignore this line. Can't have you ignoring me now can I?

Now, to celebrate 913 pageviews on this blog (nearing 1000... eeeep!) I will make a Polyvore set. I hope you guys like it. Most of the stuff is from French Connection (love that brand!) and ModCloth.com (love this webby!)

I recently discovered ModCloth.com when I was scouring the Internet for vintage clothing (I love, love, love anything vintage.) I instantly fell in love with it. Susan is a genius! Hard to believe that website started small... so I'm hopefully going to be the next big thing... Yay!

This post is just a filler and I don't want to waste your time.

A new post is coming that gives you all the info about me (nearly!) that you probably don't care about. Hope you like it and till then... Hasta luego suckerz!


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