Jan 10, 2012

The Week I Lived With Six...

...members of the male species. Not one past the age of 12, yet all just as annoying.

Sorry I have been noticeably absent from the world of the Internet, but that is because of the sudden overflow my home experienced recently. Family friend's of ours dropped their children (3 boys) at our house on the same day that my cousin came to stay over- dude as well and I have two brothers. Pile my crazy little sister on top of that and what do you get? A full house.

The boys have been rather... delightful, though very noisy and disruptive. This is probably because I'm the oldest at 14. I am not a big fan of having so many kids all up in my space... but they can be very comical when they want to be. For example, today, the youngest of all the boys was arguing with my 4 year old baby sister- and he's 8 years old. They are very masculinist (isn't that what you say if feminist is well, feminist?) but it is way too adorable to take offence.

I am totally swamped right now with little boys asking to use my laptop. If anyone of you has an excess of males in your house, comment or send me a message at nettycross@gmail.com.

They are back form playing football... Lord, help me!

Just kidding. I think.


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