Jan 20, 2012

Thank you, Thank you...

First things first, I have to say that I love my daddy. Like really, who doesn't but my reason has two sides. I love him for encouraging my blogging and also for telling his old schoolmates (many of them) about my blog. It seems I have a fanbase now (thank you, men, guys, people...).

Next, I have to (regrettably) inform you that my posts will become less frequent because we have finally resumed school (I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad. My dad would just say I was lazy, so happy I guess...) and I have these important exams coming up in less than a year and the studying is rigorous. But don't worry (who worries anyway? I still haven't gotten any comments... *hint hint*) I will post as much as possible.

For those that frequent this blog a lot I'm going to compensate you for any scarring effect my less frequent posts will have on you and do a long juicy post. It might be boring, it might not be. I need to know(comment! >:/ that means annoyed) so that I can improve *hint hint*

So, I shall put on my news reporter's voice (although I'm more of a behind the camera person) and bring to you the blog post of today... *drumroll* please...

"...in fashion-for-the-middle-class-masses news, the Jason Wu for Target complete collection has been released and as women all over the world are going eeeeep! In literary news, I am working on another one of my infamous books- infamous because they are rarely completed- and in completely unrelated news, I think that Colbie Caillat's "Brighter that the Sun" has to be one of the coolest songs ever and I love my baby sister! (check out the set I made for her!)... enjoy!"

I think a lot of us fashion junkies know that when we hear that a designer has released a collection for a store like Target, we all freak (remember Versace for H&M?). For those who think every word in that sentence was just like Greek (a language I'm sure a lot of us do not know how to speak (or expostulate, if you're going to ... go check the Internet! Haha...

Continuing... I'm not a big fan of clothing that I don't think is my style, but when anyone can get their hands on the less than usually expensive clothing (nothing is over $59.99), won't they jump at the chance? So, I'm going to give my personal opinion on what I think is hot and because I don't do critique, I will not put up what I don't like. I might be little snarky though. Another tidbit people should probably know is that this collection is only going to be in stores from February 5 to March 6 (or is it the other way around?) so the rush is going to be... wow.

Oh, and consider the fact that I will probably not get the chance to go abroad in a while so I canNOT own any of this stuff (which is just sad, for me).

I absolutely love love love this one. The design is so excruciatingly simple but the pattern is really pretty and though this isn't something  would wear, I fell in love with it (don't I always?)
I love this bag. i can put everything inside it and it's perfect for a day at the beach, mall (I mean, come on how many credit cards can a person have?) and for the tourist kind of person (like me. Although being a tourist irks me a little...)

Now this is definitely something I would wear. Everything comprising this outfit  screams  street style like with a hint of relaxed and my favourite... awesome!

This (like almost every other thing in this collection screams laid back street style. Just add a coat, or summat and you're ready for a day out in sunny yet freezing (just my opinion) London.

The cat design is just so adorable, you may not be able to resist spending money on this. And it'll be worth it too. Just think a few months after some other designer brings their own collection and Jason Wu for Target is out and you can't find any beach bags, you just grab this. Or if you need a place to collect your kitty litter... hehe

This (like almost every other outfit on here is very street what with the socks with hells and everything,. I love the overall outfit.

This is the epitome of street. Just add a jacket and off you go. Love ya Jason Wu for keeping us  up with the trend and freeing us a little too... is that too complicated?

This is rather... sophistiplayful. Se what I did there? the thin belt adds a bit of  maturity and  the overall outfit is very street style. I think that's how you say it...

This has to be one of my favourites. It's so sophisticated and French-like that I almost cried... naw! But it is really cool and  the bow detail on the collar makes it look chic.

This outfit is chic and mature but has a playful and relaxed edge to it. It's not too uptight and... the sunglasses rock! Love the shoes too... ah, shoes...

Love this purse. It's just so cool and is perfect for a day out. Again, love ya Jason! (Dude if I could get something from this collection! Oh boy!)
This is very street, then again what isn't. I'm not big on flower patterns though...
This bag is so very cute... why is this world so mean!
Chic, stylish, so very moi and not in my range of anything. I wonder how much it costs to ship items across the Atlantic... or is tit the Pacific.

And finally, the last item on my list. It's been good, and I've run through my non-existent tears for the unavailability of these items in Nigeria. See ya next post.

Just because I did this post does NOT mean I took all these pics myself. So courtesy of the following websites, I got pictures (and possibly a little info):



Hope you loved this...



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