Jan 6, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

So tonight (it's night over here) I will be talking about one of my favourite (and then again, not so favourite things)- SHOPPING!

I absolutely love to shop. Every time we get near a mall, my dad practically sprints at least a 100 yards away form me. If he doesn't, his wallet begins to cry. Hehe.

I just love the thrill of putting together the perfect outfit (see what you've done Polyvore!) and having it fit me perfectly. Lately, it's been a little weird for me because I suddenly got interested in fashion, when a few years ago before teenage-hood hit, I couldn't bear the thought of trying on a dress. And while I still don't like skirts (eurrgh!), I just love that I have my own definite style (which by the way is a mixture of skater chic meets rock chic meets post-punk meets... on second thought, maybe it's not so definite...)

Moving on... I went to England with my family last year (I love that country. I mean, who wouldn't? They have a whole street full of shoe shops!!!) and I fell in love with this particular store. Guess? Oh, never mind. H & M! Ah!!! I love it! So many exclamation marks!!! I'll stop now!!! Ugh!!! Stop it you crazy chick! Oh, forget it!

*calms down*

Forgetting my little crazy fest up there, I'm making a bunch of sets which should be up for viewing soon *wink wink* That's for all you good-clothing-for-cheap-prices people. Hahahahahahahahahaha.... do yo'all think I'm crazy? I had a few apple drinks that are high in a bunch of big words but mainly sugar. *sigh* sugar...

Okay, so I'm doing a few sets, dedicated to the wonderful store, H & M and then there's something else... the Versace for H & M collection. One word... EPIC!

Who knew a dress could get someone so riled up? Oh wait, guys do! Hehe.

Moving on (again.) I just wanted to write about something I just discovered. *calming down slowly* *taking a deep breath*


*re-calms down* I don't know why I did that, but it felt good. Aww man, this is almost as bad as the J-Lo and Marc Anthony deal thing. I love their music and they fit so perfectly together. Same with Russy and Katy (Ruty or Raty?). Russ was so funny and Katy is just as weird and hilarious. The perfect couple!

Anyways, let's think of happy times. I'm so sad right now! *sigh* Let me no longer depress you with the tales of woe that are Hollywood couples.



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