Dec 27, 2011

Constructive Criticism

Okay, okay I know some of you have limited time on the internet, but please, comment! (and follow, if possible)

I love criticism! If I had to choose a critic BFF, it would be Joan Rivewrs because we would balance each other out.

Me- the nice one- who can't bring herself to say a mean word about someone and then, there's my very mean yet very nice friend- Joan Rivers- who doesn't care. Say power duo people...

Seriously though, I need your criticism to know what I need to work on (e.g. punctuation, or whatever). Please *puppy dog face*. Even if it's juts a little "Hey, I like love your blog" (ditzy person (I don't do stereotypes so no blonde or brunette or whatever used in here. Yay me!)) or "I appreciate your use of words to convey what teens think about the world of fashion and entertainment and life in general to produce a blog that every age-group can relate to. Genius!" (hehe. That's a real reader right there. It would take a super-moi... I mean, genius to appreciate my aesthetic use of words. Check out my language people! I'm so proud!)

Anyways, you get the gist of this post... comment, please!

I can handle whatever you throw at me because in the wise words of whoever...

"...the truth shall set you free... but first it will piss you off"

I notice that I use whatever quite a lot here. Now if people commented, I could fix it right away. I will not fix it until I get a "negatif" comment about it.


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