Dec 23, 2011

Trend Report

Okay, I'm back people!

Didja miss me? Yes you did, yes you did! Now, I'm acting like a demented puppy lover. *shiver*

Today, I'm blogging about the latest trends in the teen world.

Yes fashion lovers... street style!

It has been noticed recently that a lot of people have been keeping up with this particular trend and they are rocking it.

Well not everyone... but it is really fantastic.

Street style (as defined by me) is a carefully selected combination of shoes- mainly boots (like seriously), jackets, tank tops, scarves, skinnies or shorts and very important- the right accessories. Street style is for shoppers, or basically weird people (like me). It can fit into any season but advisedly in summer- layer less. I learnt this lesson the hard way.

I love street style, yeah but I don't have the opportunity to buy as much clothes as someone in say, America or London or Milan (love Milan!) or Paris. So, I just leave this alone and dress with what I have (btw, I have revamped so may of my clothes, nobody even cares any more! Hehe.)

So, here are some of my favourite styles. Check 'em out.

Love this one. The sweater dress is very chic and the boots are to die for (naw!). Seh should really get a handbag though (hehe)

This girl knows style, yo! Her socks really match the heels and that's not even a fav trend of mine. The white dress and the black blazer are super cute and balance each other out well and the scarf gives it colour.

This outfit is a favourite of mine 'specially during the winter. I would totally wear this.

Now, this outfit I really like. The silk shorts are super cool, the jacket and the top give a it a serious yet somehow laid back look. Paired with jeans, this outfit would rock an office or meeting. The accessories make her look sophisticated... love it!

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