Dec 20, 2011

Holiday, Dance, Man, I'm In Heaven!

No, no, not the Madonna song, and no, it's not the Green Day song.

It's the actual holiday thing and I'm bloggin' about it! Yeah baby!

Anyway, the place I really want to visit but will not get to visit is New York. Specifically Manhattan. I can practically hear my dad's wallet crying out for mercy right now.

I love New York, or the Big Apple or the Concrete Jungle or whatever you wanna call it. It's an amazing place. I was watching Step Up 3D the other day (I'm going to be blogging about that movie soon) and I was more focused on the lights than the dancing (which is a first for me, I love to dance. Check out this video of me on YouTube.


Anywho, I do believe below I have a very nice picture of the New York skyline and I want y'all to see it:

It is so beautiful! Quick question: What is my favourite CSI show? You guessed correct CSI: New York. And I am such a big fan of Gary Sinise!

Expect a very in-depth (yeah, right) post about one of my favourite movies of all time Step Up 3D! Whoo!

Check out the ah-mazing background New York skyline. Awesome right?

Love you all!



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