Dec 23, 2011

Who's Got The X Factor... Me!

Okay, okay it's not me. but it is someone just as awesome!

Everyone, give a hand right now for Melanie Amaro, winner of The X Factor USA 2011! Whoo

This girl was amazing form beginning to the end. She got a miracle you know. For someone who was rejected at judge's houses (you X Factor followers know what I'm talkin' 'bout) she was called back and worked her way to top three... and she won! Talk about girl power, people.

But seriously, this girl is an inspiration to girls like me and others out there...

The performances were amazing- Marcus Canty, Ne-Yo and the ever adorable Pitbull (big fan, big fan) with current hit song- Give Me Everything; Drew, Justin DREW Bieber and the Wonder, Stevie Wonder (love this man. He reminds me of my grandpa.) with an array of Christmas songs that wowed everyone (duh!); Leona Lewis covering Snow Patrol's "Run" accompanied by the very tear-jerking videos of X Factor moments and Josh Krajcik- I will forever be honoured to have watched you sing man.

I felt like crying along with Nicole and Paula (these chicks are probably the cause of global warming, always soaking up the water form the earth- they cry like babies! Just kidding! Hehe!). I truly admire Simon Cowell. I heard there was a bet between Simon and Mr. L.A. on Melanie. Guess who's getting $10,000?

Anyway, I ofically dedicate this post to one of my role models and then some... Melanie Amaro. Although, she has to share it with the amazing Simon Cowell. Thank you sir, for sticking by this girl. Your intuition barely fails you ('cept with Drew. Grrrr.)

I been trying to write a song (yes, I'm a song writer too.) and I was so inspired by Melanie that I decided that this song would be for her. It's titled- Shining Lights. Baby, you're going to shine!

I do believe a set dedicated to her should be coming in soon.

Love you, Mel and good luck (boy, am I jealous of you. You got a recording contract! But, you deserve it. Amazing voice. Right up there with Mariah and Whitney, Kelly and alla them... You rock!) You've made God and your family very proud. Love you Melanie.



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