Dec 19, 2011

Who Do I Want To Be?

...a fashion journalist/blogger or a musician (or both!)! I mean, really!

Okay, sorry I haven't posted, but the internet in my house had a few bugs and they just fixed it. The thing is fast! I live in Nigeria, so some of you might not understand what it means to have slow internet.

Okay, so I came across some really inspiring personal style blogs (and bloggers). I'm not a personal style blogger, but I do love those kinds of blogs.

Here, I have their mug shots (hehe, mug shots) and their advice for bloggers everywhere (young and old, though I don't think there are any "old" bloggers. Unless you're 30. *shiver*).

First up, is the Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni)

Her advice for us amateurs (my words, not hers)?

"Try to post as often as possible; if you do it every day in the morning it will be best because people will think about your daily posts as a way to start the day.

Never collaborate with brands that don't represent you. Your readers know your taste and you'll lose your credibility if they don't trust what you're doing.

Always state when you're collaborating with a company or when you received an item as a gift. It's actually an FTC rule and it means you are being loyal to your followers!"

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Next, is the Style Rookie and man, she is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Here she is, Tavi Gevinson!

Gotta love her! She reminds me of Annie, form that movie.

Her advice goes thus:

"Write about what you care about and don't worry about trends or what other people are buzzing about at the moment. It's so easy to tell when a writer does or doesn't care about what they're saying—when they do it can be exciting and fun, when they don't it can be painful."

Very good stuff right.

Then, there is Lulu and Your Mom blogger- Lulu Chang! *thunderous applause*

Btw, love her shoes.

Her words to us are...

"Edit your content. If you're a personal style blogger, avoid putting up fifty pictures of the same outfit shot. It's repetitive and boring. Create a strong visual narrative by including detail and environmental shots. It's about quality over quantity.

You set the standard. Don't be concerned if your content doesn't match the content of other top bloggers. There is more than one way to blog."

Next up, is Sea of Shoes initiator (love, love, love this!)- Jane Aldridge.

I couldn't see her advice, but I'm sure she'll tell us to work hard or something. I dunno.

And finally (because my fingers hurt) is Cocorosa's coco chica, Chantal van der Meijden. Love her style,love her energy (now, I sound like an X Factor Judge)

Her advice to us is...

"Often the best hours for outfit photos are later in the afternoon—I call them "the magic hours!"—when the sun is near the horizon and gives a soft hazy front light. When you photograph, say, at noon, you will often have harsh shadows in your face."

Hope you like it, below is a link to my info page. Love y'all!

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~nETTY, baby.


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