Dec 29, 2011

Jane by Design.

I wasn't planning on posting anymore, but then, I saw this link and clicked and the rest, as they say... is history!

Jane by Design is a new ABC Family original series, starring Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby... awesome!

The plot is basically this... (I copied this from the ABC webby)

Jane By Design is a light-hearted drama about Jane, a teenager who lands a job at Donovan Decker, a hip fashion house, when they mistake her for an adult. Jane soon finds herself juggling life both as a regular high school student and as an assistant to a high powered executive in the cutthroat world of fashion... all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

Jane By Design stars Erica Dasher (The Lake) as Jane Quimby; Nick Roux (Lemonade Mouth) as Billy Nutter, Rowly Dennis (Desperate Housewives) as Jeremy Jones, India de Beaufort (One Tree Hill) as India Jourdain, Meagan Tandy (10 Things I Hate About You) as Lulu Pope, Matthew Atkinson (CSI) as Nick Fadden. And featuring Andie MacDowell (Four Weddings and a Funeral) who stars as Gray Chandler Murray - Jane's steely boss whose constant demands keep her on her toes.

The series will be executive produced by Gavin Polone (Gilmore Girls), John Ziffren (Melissa & Joey) and April Blair (Lemonade Mouth)., as you can see this series is star-studded (love Nick Roux!) and I'm pretty sure a lot of us cannot wait to see it.

The series premieres January 3, 2012.

It shows on Tuesdays 9/8c... can't wait till it starts in my country! I copied most of what is going to follow from the ABC webby. I hope no one minds...

The cast of Jane by Design everyone!

Erica Dasher stars as Jane Quimby, a quirky teen with an eclectic chic fashion sense who is just trying to survive the perils of high school. When mistaken for someone else, Jane gets the chance of a lifetime to live out her dreams of working in the fashion world. Now she must juggle her double life and hope she doesn’t get caught.

Andie MacDowell stars as the steely fashion executive Gray Chandler Murray, who travels the world in search of the next big style trend. With a full schedule and a lot of demand, Gray expects nothing but perfection from her assistant Jane, not knowing she is really a high school student.

We'll get to Jane's life at Donovan Decker (the extremely chic fashion house where she works for Gray) in a moment, but first you should get to know the people she sees on a daily basis while she's just a normal high-school student.

Nick Roux stars as Billy Nutter, Jane’s best friend from childhood. Billy would do anything for Jane, including helping her pull off her double-life. But what Jane doesn’t know is that Billy is hiding something big from her – he is secretly dating her high school nemesis Lulu.

Judging by this picture, it looks like much fun is had between these two. We can't wait to see more!

David Clayton Rogers portrays Jane’s brother Ben Quimby. Having quit college to move home to take care of Jane after their father passed away, Ben finds himself in over his head when it comes to the parental role.

Matthew Atkinson portrays Nick Fadden, Jane’s long-standing school crush. The popular and athletic Nick hasn’t paid much attention to Jane, but something recently different about Jane starts to pique his interest.

Meagan Tandy portrays Lulu Pope, the most popular girl in school and Jane’s nemesis. Lulu makes it her main job to put Jane down, but what Jane doesn’t know is that Lulu’s interest in her is because Lulu is secretly dating Jane’s best friend Billy.

Now that you've met all of the guys and gals in Jane's home life, as well as her new boss, it's time to introduce you to the rest of the crew at her big-time job. Get ready for some very interesting personalities --- and a lot of amazing outfits when this show premieres. But we'd expect no less from a fabulous fashion house like Donovan Decker!

India de Beaufort portrays India Jourdain, an associate designer at Donovan Decker and Gray’s former assistant, who is now gunning for Gray’s job. Seeing Jane as just a bump in the road to what she ultimately wants, India does her best to make Jane's life difficult at the fashion house.

Rowly Dennis
 portrays Jeremy Jones, the charming and handsome senior designer at Donovan Decker. Known as a ladies’ man around the office, Jeremy quickly takes a liking to Jane.

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