Dec 20, 2011

Sorry Spielberg...

But Mr. Jon M. Chu is in the house!

This guy is amazing! I mean, I've seen this thing in 3D. One word... epic! Below is the trailer of the movie-

My favourite actor has to be Sharni Vinson. She is the coolest chick ever!!! Big fan, big fan.

She's my dance icon! She is so cool!

Then, next up is the very hot and equally talented- Rick Malambri. Love this gy'kmuy!

He's so cute!

Now we have super awesome robot dude- Chad Smith. He's so cool! I wish I could move lie him. But then who wants to be a robot all the time (I'm not crazy y'know.)

I want to steal his glasses.

Up next is Adam Sevani and the Amazing Alyson! They're both funky, quirky and fun. Couldn't be better. Can anyone say super couple?

Then ,we have the crazy Lombard twins (in my opinion, these guys talk too much) but we gotta love them. They're craziness and talkativeness is made up for in their dancing- say ah-mazing!

Since I'm too lazy to actually talk about all my favourite characters, I'll just put up some pictures. Enjoy!

Hope you like them!

-All photos courtesy of Google!



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