Dec 19, 2011

Did Y'all Hear?

That North Korean leader guy- Kim Jong-Li is dead! And the North Korean people are mourning?!He was a dictator! D-I-C-T-A-T-O-R! Spell it with me people!

My dad says they're probably happy but are too scared to show it/. the guy let them starve and spent their money on guns and soldiers for Pete's sake! (who's Pete anyways?)

So, I made a set dedicated to the military and what it should be. I'm pretty cure he was sexist too. It features a pencil dress by Alexander McQueen, a Balmain double-breasted jacket and super cute gladiator sandal heels- then on the right( yes there's more!) there's a black Alexander McQueen (love it!) bustier dress, a very stylish military hat and black lace-ups from Debenhams. It's a little minimalist but baby, we work it! (oh, I'm a neon person; though I do love wearing black.)

Check it out! It's the one that says Military. Can't miss it!

P.S. The North-Koreans should stand up for themselves- it's a horrible time to be weak people!

P.P.S- But that's just me.

We won't miss you old man...

God won't be very happy with this guy.



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